Thursday, 13 June 2013

14. 50K in 30 Days

This probably doesn't sound like much for a seasoned professional, but for a beginner like me, signing on for RWA’s June challenge of 50,000 words in 30 days (I elected to aim for 30,000 for my first try) seems rather daunting. Regardless, it is one I have taken on board.

I've spoken before about those many ideas spinning around in my head and how each voice screams to be heard and how hard it can be at times to choose just one and follow through. Here was the opportunity I needed to reach in, pick out just one of those ideas and run with it.

My lead male character sprang into life from a picture accompanying a rather cheeky joke. The picture itself wasn't the slightest bit offensive (nor was the joke in my opinion) but I found far more captivation with him than in the actual punch line. Who was he? What had his life been like? How had his life changed from the era depicted given the way he was portrayed compared to the modern world? And more importantly, how did I bring him into a contemporary setting, yet allow him to keep to his traditions? And of course, the fact that he was a handsome specimen was entirely coincidental. :)

To help make this transition easier, I had to have a modern woman take care of him as he assimilated from his time to ours. I’m a paranormal girl. I found a way. ;) She’ll do a great job of seeing to his needs. Once she gets over the shock of his ‘arrival’, that is. And all things being equal, they’ll be looking out for each other too. She has her trials to deal with as well.

So, notes written, research references saved, and even a chapter plan to get me under way and I was off and running, er, writing. I’m more of a pantser (letting the characters and the story lead the way or if you prefer – flying by the seat of one’s pants) than a plotter so doing a chapter plan ‘before’ I started on the story was a big thing for me. It’s helped immensely but I must admit I’m still winging it as I wait to see what tangents these characters undertake. I’ve had a discussion with them though. They know that for once I have a rough guideline for them to follow. And I may even stick to it.

The best part about this is that unlike writing in general, it’s not a solitary challenge. In between scrawling sentences, pretending to be a domestic goddess and wondering where all the working pens have disappeared to this time, I’ve been chatting to other writers who are busy traversing works in progress, starting new manuscripts and sharing their experiences. I have no doubt we’ll all reach our desired targets and some will go above and beyond them. It’s wonderful to have each other for encouragement, motivation and to put us back on track when it seems we’re not reaching our personal goals.

Well, I’d best get back to it. To date, I don’t have a perfect record but I’d working my hardest to get to that final amount, so there’s really one thing left to say.

What do you think my chances are of having today’s blog total counting towards my overall score? ;)


  1. No, the blog post doesn't count, but it's sounds like you don't need it to -- you're organised and rocking it! Keep writing :)

    1. Well darn! LOL Never mind. If I continue having productive days like the last two I'll be on track to achieving (and hopefully passing) my goal. Thanks for the encouragement. :)