Tuesday, 18 March 2014

24. Column Capers

Just wanted to share with you the new cap I’m sporting these days. I have quite the collection now – writer, mother, wife, family member, private taxi driver, nurse, personal secretary, teacher, live in maid. (I’m not even going to attempt to put that list into some semblance of an order.) And now this streamlined little number. :)

As I browsed through my local paper the other day, it was with much excitement to see a little column printed in the family matters section with my name underneath. I can officially say I am a monthly columnist for not only my city, but also the surrounding communities. Is it a hard-hitting piece of journalistic integrity? Hardly - I’ll leave that to the experts. My pieces reflect the light-hearted person I am (most of the time) with the occasional serious moment thrown in. (I’m afraid I have those too.)

I must thank a particular gentleman for challenging me to write a column or two just to see if I could do it. He was then kind enough to encourage me when I sent my examples to the journalist in charge of the section and the editor. Thanks Mr Bray! :) 

It was just as nerve wracking to await their reply as it is to wait on a competition result or a reply from a publisher, but it was worth the wait even if a few fingernails had a sacrificial demise in the process. Regardless, it’s a wonderful experience and a fun challenge to write a two hundred word story on life’s little experiences, many of which, I’m sure the average family can relate. I also apologise in advance for the wonderful photo that will leap out at you when you click the link. It certainly made me jump. :)

Cool Change a huge win for Family

My other exciting news is that I placed in Romance Writers Australia’s (RWA) 2014 Little Gems Short Story competition. This year’s featured gem was Moonstone. I made the top 10, which means my story, Moonstone Hill, will be one of fourteen stories published in RWA’s annual anthology in August 2014.

Moonstone Hill was my third attempt at Little Gems so I’m very pleased with my progress. Of course, there’s always room for improvement. The placing is more exciting considering the Little Gems competition is open to both professional and unprofessional writers so I am part of a very polished crowd indeed. The feedback, as always, was positive and helpful and I’m grateful to all involved. I can’t wait to read the stories and wait until you see the cover. It’s gorgeous! :) 

My local writers’ group is printing our anthology in July this year so there will be more wonderful stories, poems, illustrations and anecdotes to share. How exciting to have stories in three anthologies (the third is the Capricornia Writers group’s anthology mentioned in the previous blog) this year and it’s only March. :)

I can’t leave without wishing the best of Irish luck to all those celebrating St Patrick’s Day whether your blood runs green or you’re an honorary shamrock supporter on the day. May we all find that pot of gold, kiss the blarney stone and enjoy the greenest of beers. And may the best of Irish luck be with you. :) 


  1. You're a star! Congratulations on the column, D. It's light, cheerful and real -- *pats self on the back* I knew you had a great natural voice :)

    Congratulations again on being in the top ten for Little Gems. That is fabulous.

    1. Thanks for your good wishes and vote of confidence, Jenny. Much appreciated. :)