Thursday, 3 July 2014

27. Head Cold Hell

For reasons beyond my control, there’s no newspaper column for June, however, I’m already scribbling away on the next one.

I’ve been feeling particularly ordinary this past week or so (hence the delay in posting). I blame the head cold, which has managed to sneeze out my happy endorphins and stuff my head with fairy floss (because the cotton wool just wasn’t cutting it.) I accompanied a family member to Brisbane for surgery to help with her 'after' care. The plan was to sit in the waiting room and write to my heart's content until it was time to go to the motel (and if a bit of extra 'motivation' walked by then that was a bonus, right?) However, I don't always deal well with flying.

As a precaution, I took a couple of travel sickness tablets. That's when the fun started. I was fine until I sat in the plane and then the anti-nausea tablets made me nauseous. My attempts not to be sick amused my companion no end, which was good as it took her mind off things for a while. As soon as we got to the airport, I made a dash for the bathroom where my stomach immediately evacuated its contents. The tablets also made me drowsy, so after muddling our way to hospital, (with her still laughing that I was supposed to look after her and not the other way around) my plans for writing went out the window as I dozed in a waiting room chair. No writing was attempted. I may have drooled, hell, I may have snorted, and you can be damn sure if anything 'interesting' walked by, I missed it. On the trip home, (no way was I taking a tablet) I started sneezing. By that night, I had a full-blown head cold and spent the next week being a miserable cow.

I wonder how the professional writers deal with illness when they’re on a deadline. No doubt, they put on their big girl panties (or jocks) and just get on with it. Note to self – purchase some big girl pants and then offer my apologies for any visuals that may have just occurred.

Before the head cold decided to make its presence known, I completed my suspense story draft. I proudly typed the words ‘the end’ in bold letters and felt momentarily relief and a sense of accomplishment before acknowledging the fact that it has to be put aside for a few weeks before it’s time to find all the mistakes. And there will be mistakes. :/

On the downside, the 50 K in 30 days I signed on for fell to the wayside as I battled with the dreaded lurgi. I managed just over 23 K, but as always, the encouragement from writers on the same quest has been invaluable even if their progress was more inspiring than mine was. Although if I counted this blog, writer’s group homework, the odd shopping list and the time I spend chatting on social media, I’m sure I’d have a worthy tally. ;)

I’m pleased to share my local writers’ group anthology cover. ‘Too Long for Twitter’ is due for release at the end of July in time for our biannual Curtis Coast Literary Carnivale. Each picture gives a hint as to the stories we’ve worked on whether it’s been set homework or our choice. We’re very proud of our local production. :) As soon as I have details re our website, I will amend the blog accordingly.

I also have my copy of the Capricornia Writers ‘Gem’ Anthology in which two of my short stories are proudly displayed. :) I must say I am pleased I wasn’t one of the judges in this prize winning compilation. There are some amazing stories in here. If anyone’s interested in learning more, please click on the link provided. :)

I'm also sharing some writing love for one of my fellow Dark Siders. This is Christina Phillips' latest release - HER VENGEFUL SCOT, the second book in her Highland Warrior Chronicles hits the cyber shelves on July 4th.  Here's the link for the cover - 

and this is Christina's website - 

Now that I’ve had my whinge, because apparently, mothers don’t ever really get sick, raided the medicine cabinet, stolen the last tissue box and had enough garlic and horseradish tablets to knock out a nest of vampires, I’d better get back to the writing. (Normal underwear will have to do.) Who knows, a drugged creation might be the masterpiece I’ve been waiting for.

Bless me! And pass the lemon and honey! :)


  1. Too Long for Twitter is a great title. Clever!

    Sorry to hear about the head cold - and sorry I smiled at the story :) Sympathies.

    Winter sure brings some interesting interruptions to our plans. There's lots of stormy weather here today and I'm trying to stay snug indoors -- pity my brain's not willing to write anything!

    Hope you feel better soon, D

    1. Thanks, Jenny. I'll be sure to pass that along to the group. :)

      You were meant to smile at the story but I will take the sympathies too. I seem to have acquired a fresh bout and frankly, I'm over it. Ah well, one day (tissue box) at a time. :/