Saturday, 24 January 2015

34. Hitting the Ground Running

Do you recall I said last month that my newspaper column adventures had ended for the time being? It appears my family’s relief at not being the subject of my columns was short-lived. That’s right; I’m back in print in one of our local free newspapers. I’m not sure what changed or how that works in the scheme of things but hey, let the torture begin.  (Insert evil grin here.)

Back to School

Things I enjoy about school holidays – no early morning rush, no complaining about what’s in the lunchbox, (which regardless of who made it, most of it comes home again anyway) and no last minute panic as to the whereabouts of one’s uniform, homework and yes, even the lunchbox. But it’s that time again. Time to relive the stress, participate in early morning debates and pray we have everything prepared for the first day of school.

The books rest in their plastic sleeves. (No demonic contact paper in this house, thank you very much). Pencils are sharp and clean, crayons and erasers intact. (None of which will stay that way). Their uniforms are ready and I’ve even read a few magazines to see what’s ‘in’ for school lunchboxes this year.

Of course, now that we’re on the countdown, that’s when the kids realise they need a new school bag, lunchbox (ha) or they’ve outgrown the uniforms and shoes that fit them perfectly the week before. Nor can they find last year’s whatever, so goodbye to any savings.

And to think I used to cry when they were little and wonder how they’d get through the day without me.

2015 started with a bang. We spent time in Brisbane and enjoyed the fireworks heralding in the New Year along with some sightseeing and enjoying the marvellous theatre production of the Lion King. (Definitely a highlight and if you haven’t seen it, please consider doing so.) There may have been a little shopping in there too. Once we returned home, I was just as busy. Amongst enjoying some quality family time, (more column fodder) acquiring school supplies (ergo the fodder) and attending to my domestic goddess duties, (you know how much I love those) I’ve been writing. :)

Two vastly different competition stories made their way from my over-stimulated brain to the computer screen and with any luck will find themselves in print later in the year. One is a silly romance. There were many giggles while writing that one. The other is a bittersweet tale, the origins of which I am yet to fathom. I’m not sure exactly where my thoughts were heading in that instance. I enjoyed writing both even if one made me feel a little melancholy afterward. The feedback should be very interesting. :)

I’ve finished rewriting a novel I originally wrote a couple of years ago. It worked brilliantly in first person viewpoint (or so I thought at the time) but I’ve since reconsidered and realised that as it wasn’t working in that ‘voice’, I’ve changed it to third person viewpoint. It flowed better. I also noticed a few mistakes because the first point of view character doesn’t know what others are thinking or doing and I hadn’t caught all of those the first time around. Admittedly, I’ve always had a trilogy in mind for this particular story. The funny thing was, and again, this shows my amateur writing status, when I started writing the second novel, I kept wanting to write it in the third person. I don’t think that’s how trilogies work – changing from one viewpoint to a completely different style in a series. At least, it didn’t work for me. Now that I’ve changed the first book, however, I feel inspired to tackle the second one again. That means more rewriting and editing, (and finishing what I started) but that’s all part of the writing process. See, I’m learning. ;)

For those interested, I believe Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series, which inspired the HBO show, Trueblood, is a brilliant example of first person writing.

To continue with my ‘to do’ list, I’ve started writing the first of those two novellas I mentioned briefly in August. And there’s the newspaper column again and I mustn’t forget Writers Group. The first meeting of the year is in a couple of weeks’ time, so I’d better get cracking. At this rate, 2015 is going to disappear faster than 2014 did.

Oh, and did I mention the reading pile has been breeding again? More reviews next month. Until then,

Best wishes for a wonderful year everyone. :)


  1. LOL on the contact -- I actually *shh looks around furtively* like contacting books. I think it's a stationery addiction thing ;)

    So glad your newspaper column is back -- and I bet your family's proud of you!

    You've lots of writing plans for 2015 -- best of luck and every success!!!

    1. LOL You are welcome to keep contacting. In fact, if there ever comes a time when I have to do it, I'm sending it to you, Jenny. :)

      Yes, plenty of writing plans. Now to dig in and get them done. :)

  2. Ohhh, I so remember doing that when I went to school. I hate contact with a vengeance. great to hear your column is still going. So, when are we going to see a published novel/novella from you? This year hopefully.

    1. I'm sure its improved since our school days - but not enough to convince me to go near it. LOL

      As for the published novel/novella - I'm getting closer so who knows, 2015 might be my year. :)

  3. Congrats on your column, Duchess!

    My reading pile is always breeding, I just don't think I'll ever make it stop!

    1. Thank you, T.

      I don't want my reading pile to stop growing, just ease off enough to allow me to catch up. :)