Tuesday, 25 August 2015

41. It's all in my Head

I’m doing a little bragging in this month’s column.

Here’s a shout out to today’s amazing, talented kids.

The thought of putting myself out there is terrifying enough as an adult, let alone to recall what I was like as a teen. And yet, here they are achieving their sports and academic goals and sharing them with the community with a maturity far beyond their tender years.

As for our budding artists, how do they walk on that stage as though they’ve been acting, singing, and dancing all their lives? Miss Teen recently auditioned for next year’s interschool musical and it was lovely to watch the expressions on her fellow performers’ faces as they waited their turn to impress the musical directors. How exhilarating it must be to perform. How nerve-wracking to audition. Is it wrong that I live vicariously through my daughter because I know I’d never be brave enough to do it? Of course, I could do without the nerves that come with it on her behalf.

The talent doesn’t end there either. Did you know we have filmmakers in our midst who will soon be displaying their creations at a film festival in September? 

I’m no fortune-teller, but I foresee proud parenting moments ahead. :)

I can now add that Miss Teen’s audition was successful despite being sick when she performed. She starts rehearsals soon and we’ll learn which part she has. Knowing her, she won’t care if it’s a main role, supporting role or the chorus. She’s that excited. :)

I also found time to do a little fan girl reading. The following are all from the wonderfully creative mind of Ms Jenny Schwartz.

Indulge – Sensual Tales of Steampunk and Fantasy
  1. The Lion and the Mouse – In olden day London, Anthea’s marriage to Colin Truitt was nothing more than a business transaction, hardly an act of love. To be sold by her uncle for a profit share in her new husband’s business was deplorable enough, worse that he was leaving her with a complete stranger but she dutifully and quietly complies. However, under that mousy exterior is a determined, intelligent woman and Colin Truitt soon finds that not only has he gained a wife, he’s gained an ally whose talent with machinery and science rivals his own.
  2. The Were Kiss – In her animal form, Anya befriends a human scientist, her mission to obtain information on a secret project he’s working on for her superiors. She prefers to work alone, but her were-partner and were matched fiancée has other ideas and it’s time he claimed what was rightfully his – her body, heart and soul.
  3. Phoenix Fire – Portia hates magic, but denying it means denying a part of herself. The only thing she hates more is the mysterious dream lover who appears each time she tries to make friends with the opposite sex, yet refuses to reveal himself so she can tell him to get lost. But now something is murdering children and stealing their souls and their magic, and Portia must embrace the thing she hates if she is to save them.
  4. Befogged – Nate Everett’s decision to become a detective was something he now questioned as he lay in wait in the fog-filled park in Old London Town, but flirting with the pretty nanny taking her charge for a late night stroll makes it worthwhile. But when the traitor selling secrets escapes with the documents Nate’s been tailing, it’s the nanny who helps him solve the case. Her mentor, the mysterious QV – that’s Queens Victoria to you and me.
  5. Fantasy Man – Personal motives forced Clair to propose that her boss, Marc Gentil, buy Labyrinth House in Hollywood and restore it to its former 1920’s glory. It’s only later that she reveals the house was built for her great grandmother who was once the owner’s mistress, and that it has secrets. But the house reveals more than secrets. It reveals something that has desires of its own.
  6. Dark Oasis – Angel Alexa always had a soft spot for enslaved djinn – Theron, not that she’ll ever tell him that. When a dark mage steals his bottle and tries to command Theron to do his treacherous biddings, Alexa knows she has to save him, even if the counsel of guardian angels forbid it.

Steampunk isn’t usually my thing, (Doctor Who is a category all its own) but given how strong the female characters were, I could be persuaded to read more. :)

I also read Light Kisses – Stacy didn’t get involved in other people’s problems, especially rocky relationships, but she won’t stand by and let someone be taken advantage of either. Meeting Karl’s ex-fiancé made sure she leapt at the chance to play his new lover as her best friend so manipulatively intended. She just didn’t expect her weekend quiet weekend would be turned upside down.

Joy House – tells the story of Bree Esperance who dreams of opening a bed and breakfast catering for those whose family members are disabled. Fiercely independent, she wants to do all the work on rebuilding her late aunt’s house herself. The last thing shew wants to do is ask anyone for help. When a storm knocks a tree onto the house, Bree learns that community spirit, especially in the helping hands of her neighbour, Josh Moore, might not be so bad after all.

And last, but not least, - Ice Breaker – Selwyn decided to make a grand gesture to win back the heart of the woman he loves, scientist Kiara. And just when the romance seems to be running smoothly, an earthquake has Selwyn flying across the world to help leaving Kiara behind with her abandonment issues. But when he goes missing in the aftermath, Kiara learns that such issues, however irrational, are nothing compared to the fear she’s lost Selwyn forever.

You can find them all here - http://authorjennyschwartz.com/

As for me, I’ve been side tracked with family issues and my own bad habit of going over stories within an inch of their life and still not being happy with them. That over-obsessiveness about one’s writing goes away eventually, right? I’m not sure whether it’s that I have too many characters wanting their story told or that I feel I should work on one story at a time and ignore the others, but that doesn’t seem to be working either. There must be a trick to arriving at the point where I can type ‘The End’ and mean it. There has to be a time when I know I can send it out into the world and wait to hear if my stories have clicked with someone and then begin the rewriting / re-editing process for real. I just need to figure out what that is.

This is where my head is at right now, jammed in there with family concerns and the usual self-doubts. When it comes to paranormal stories, I have a thing for curses. I have a young woman with psychic abilities who’s involved with a cursed gypsy desperate to right his wrongs, and an Indian Brave battle an evil spirit who each insist I share the reasons for their perceived afflictions. Regardless, all of them want my attention – like now!

Then there are my contemporary romance heroes and heroines who believe their modern day dilemmas far outweigh the mystic darkness where my mind often dwells. From a random word challenge came a story of an injured ex-soldier desperate to set his able-bodied fiancée free regardless of the fact that he loves her. I also have two brothers, one who wants nothing to do with love (or so he thinks) and the other in love with someone who’s in love with someone else. ‘Don’t they deserve their happy ending?’ I hear them cry, and ‘Why aren’t I writing down everything they’re telling me, (make that demanding), this very instant?’

And last but by no means least, there are my notebooks. They’re filled with words too delicious to ignore, phrases that sing to me or any number of those ideas lying there simmering away, waiting for the moment I open that page so they can cascade from the paper onto, well, more paper because I write everything by hand before it goes onscreen. And once I’ve followed one idea, there’s always another to claim me. I imagine these are signs of a beginner and perhaps a lack of discipline on my part or perhaps just another sign of my chaotic mind. I’m not sure as to which I care to admit. ;)

So do I qualify for one of those white jackets with the self-tying belt yet? Or is that all in my head too? 

Scrambledly yours. :)


  1. Woohoo! You're raising stars :)

    I hear you on the scrambled brains, D. And hayfever's just kicked in, so now I have scrambled Zombie brains *wry grin*

    Thanks for the lovely reviews.

    I hope you get a chance to focus son your writing. Curses could be a great theme for a series of stories???

  2. I am living vicariously, Jenny. It's a shame the singing talent skipped a generation in my family but I'm enjoying listening to my girls. They're braver than me too. :)

    Scrambled zombie brains doesn't sound like much fun - unless the antihistamines spark off a supercool idea, of course.

    As always, you're welcome for the reviews and I hope my brains are unscrambled soon too. And thank you for the series idea. :)