Wednesday, 24 February 2016

47. It's Creepy and It's Kooky

Well there goes another busy month where time seems to have no relevance except for the fact that it’s passing faster than I want. The weather is beautiful now despite the humidity, but it’s a stark contrast to last year’s impending cyclone. Thankfully there’s been so sign of another one, (the season isn’t over yet) but my heart always goes out for those who haven’t been so lucky.

There is one thing to be grateful for as we zoom into March. This very proud mum is looking forward to seeing her daughter perform in her interschool production – The Addams Family Musical.

The television show reruns were a favourite in my formative years. Those were the days when a week seemed to last months before the next episode aired. I always loved how deadpan Wednesday was and how quiet yet imposing Lurch seemed. As for Morticia, she was a woman who always knew the right thing to say to alleviate any family situation. And then there was her relationship with her husband, Gomez. Sigh! Romance might not have been high on my list in my childhood days, but to see a couple, even a fictional one, who loved each other and were as affectionate as my own parents were, was wonderful. Although Morticia was the one who often used French endearments, my dad knew many ‘colourful’ French words too. At least, that’s what Mum used to tell us he was saying when he was working on something out in the shed.

Of course, the musical won’t be an act from the television show. The Addam’s Family Musical takes place in a time where Wednesday is grown up and believes she’s found the man of her dreams – and unlike anyone from the Addams family, Lucas Beineke is most definitely human.  At a family gathering, Wednesday and Lucas announce their intention to marry to the shock, surprise (and perhaps more than a little horror) from both families. What ensues is a mashup of fun, frivolity, mischief and mayhem. The big question is, will Wednesday and Lucas have their ‘Unhappily’ Ever After?

Which leads me to this month’s brag, column. :)

Warning – This is a shameless plug.

Miss Teen has been working hard these past few months as part of an amazing cast and crew who will soon present for our viewing pleasure the local combined school musical production - The Addams Family Musical.

She can’t wait for everyone to see the performances. She’s learning new things, making new friends and enjoying every moment. Given the amount of time everyone has been putting into rehearsals, I have no doubt the show will be every bit as wonderful as she says.

She’s been coming home the last few weeks with some interesting looking make up, a maniacal look in her eyes, and a grin from ear to ear – all part of her character, I’m sure. (I hope.) And she’s spending time in her bedroom practising her moves and rehearsing her tunes (no, we haven’t peeked.) I’m sure it will all be worth the wait, especially since some unexpected guests are travelling here to surprise her.

So set your calendars, folks. Performances are from March 07-12th and tickets are available at the local box office. Other proud families, their equally proud children, and this nervously excited mum will see you there. :)

It seems I’ve spent more time in the car playing taxi driver these past few weeks than sitting at my computer. Judging by the amount of crumbs that have appeared on my desk, my youngest is doing a great job of keeping my seat warm for me as she enjoys a snack or two whilst watching movies. I have been busy working on my secret writing project though and it’s starting to take shape. I am waiting to hear back from an expert whom I hope will give my particular story some realism, (because the reader always knows if you have your facts wrong) and the pile / stash of books-to-be-read is propagating again. I’m not helping the situation by clicking that AMAZON button. (It calls to me, I swear.) And not only are we having a famous Australian author visit our town, there’s also a writers workshop to look forward to next month and I have writers’ group homework to do, which shouldn’t be too difficult since I set it. :) No pressure, right?

Until next time, may only happy words find their way to you. :)


  1. I love the Addams Family! What a fabulous experience for your daughter - you're a great mum to make it possible!

    LOL and now I have the Addams Family theme music as earworm!

  2. She's having an absolute blast. :) My involvement starts and stops as taxi driver. I'd never have the courage to get on the stage and perform. I don't know how she, (or anyone else for that matter,) does it.

    My apologies for the earworm. If it makes you feel any better, it's been hard to type with fingers sore from all the clicking to said theme. :/ :) ;)

  3. Yay for Miss Teen. I attended Miss Five's first school assembly this week and she was given a merit award for always setting a good example. Funny how the kids are much better behaved at school than they are at home.
    Waiting waiting waiting to hear more about your secret writing project, and hope to catch up with you at the QWC writing workshop next month.

  4. Thank you, Shelley. :) How exciting for your little miss (and for mum) too.:) And yes, isn't it funny how differently they behave when comparing school to home?

    I hope I have some news on the writing project soon, and that's awesome that you'll be at the workshop. I look forward to seeing you. :)

  5. I have so much admiration for Miss Teen and the rest of the cast...standing up on stage is hard enough without performing in front of a live audience. Well done her! Looking forward to hearing more about your secret writing project, too. :)

    1. So do I, Rowena. The last time I was on stage was for primary school choir (somewhere back in the Middle Ages). LOL There's no way I'd get up there and sing on my own let alone act into the bargain. They're very brave souls indeed.

      :) I'm looking forward to sharing the news too.